Federal Budget

How could the proposals impact you and your finances? May 2024 The 2024 Federal Budget provides cost of living relief through 1 July tax cuts, lower power bills, higher welfare payments and support for small businesses. Note: These changes are proposals only and may or may not be made law. You should speak to your … Read more

The First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS): a handy guide for homebuyers

The First Home Super Saver Scheme is a valuable initiative to help first time buyers overcome the challenges of entering the property market. Purchasing a home is a significant financial milestone, but the ever increasing property prices make it challenging for first time buyers in Australia to enter the market. To help ease this burden, … Read more

Millions to get more Age Pension starting from 20 March 2024

Government Age Pension payments increased on 20 March, so if you’re one of the millions of eligible Australians, you’ll have a little more to spend. The increases are designed to help address inflation and cost of living increases. Here’s what happened. Age Pension payments increase in March 2024 due to indexation Here are the maximum … Read more

Economic and market overview

Encouragingly the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its global growth forecast for 2024, following ‘surprisingly resilient’ economic conditions. IMF officials now expect global GDP growth of 3.2% this year. Despite this positive news, major share markets lost ground in April following five months of unbroken gains. Ongoing geopolitical uncertainty, particularly in the Middle East, was … Read more

Will cash remain king?

Cash has been one of the best performing defensive assets over the past three years. When compared with global bonds (a riskier asset class), a typical portfolio of term deposits would have returned a cumulative 12.6% in comparison to -8.5% for global bonds over the three years to December 2023. With interest rates expected to … Read more

Why it’s time to consider currency hedging your portfolio

With the Australian dollar trading below long-term averages and expected to rise as the US dollar peaks, it’s time to think about protecting overseas investments with hedging. The following are the reasons why: Hedging can offset currency movements Rising AUD could crimp returns on overseas assets. The Aussie dollar is below its long-term average against … Read more

What is risk appetite?

Risk is about tolerating the potential for losses. Understanding your risk appetite allows you to make well informed decisions about your money. For some people, risk means excitement and opportunity. For others, it invokes feelings of fear and discomfort. We all experience a degree of risk in our everyday lives – whether it’s simply walking … Read more

Seven lasting impacts from the COVID pandemic

Key points Seven key lasting impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic are: “bigger” government; tighter labour markets; reduced globalisation and increased geopolitical tensions; higher inflation; worse housing affordability; working from home; and a faster embrace of technology. On balance these make for a more fragmented and volatile world for investment returns. But it’s not all negative. … Read more

An introduction to managed funds

Managed funds may give you access to a broader range of investment types by pooling your money together with other investors. Find out how they work and if they’re for you. If you want to diversify your investment portfolio and spread potential risk within and across different asset classes, sectors and geographic markets, you may … Read more

Want to earn more and keep your Age Pension?

Many people continue, or even start, working once they’ve reached Age Pension age. This may be for social reasons, personal fulfilment or to maintain their standard of living. With the higher cost of living at the moment, even more pensioners are taking up work. But what does this mean if you’re receiving the Age Pension? … Read more