Hickman and Ritchard Financial Testimonials.

“I had my first appointment with Shaun in 2004, I was in debt and needed some advice on how to best move forward and reduce my debt.

Following that over the last 6 years, Shaun has helped me to achieve many of my goals and build a personal financial portfolio. Some of the large goals he has helped me to achieve during this time was being financially able to buy a home and have the wedding I always dreamed of.

I look forward to continuing to work with Shaun to build on my personal financial portfolio and to work towards achieving my goals in the future.”

Current Client, Kings Langley

“When we finally acknowledged we didn’t have time to manage our finances, we decided to ask Geoff to do it for us. Little did I know how quickly our life would turn around. At our first meeting with Geoff we discussed our goals.

Our first meeting was pleasant, relaxed, and painless. Geoff helped break down our goals in to 12 months, 2-5 years, and beyond. It felt so good to hand over the responsibility of working out how to reach our goals to someone else. An emotional weight lifted off my shoulders.

At our second meeting Geoff presented us with a plan on how to reach our immediate goals. I was relieved to review our insurance needs, diversify our investments, and make a last will and testament. I was surprised and excited to learn how quickly we could pay off our personal loan, credit card debt, and car loan. And I was ecstatic to learn we had the cash to start renovating and decorating our home immediately!

As an added bonus and a complete surprise, we will be getting married much sooner than expected and starting our married life debt free (aside from the mortgage of course, which we are planning to pay down as quickly as possible after the wedding).

We count Geoff’s support in our life as a blessing and remain committed to meeting with Geoff regularly to review our finances, so we stay on track. We know that by following Geoff’s advice we are creating the life we want.

Current Client, Sydney

“I first met Shaun in 2011 at MLC North Sydney. I was recommended to Shaun through a family member who has been seeing him for their finances for a few years. My main reasons for seeking out Shaun’s Assistance were to help manage my finances as well as set up financial goals. It was also to help with my budgeting, superannuation and insurance.

Before I met Shaun, I thought that financial planners were only used by people with a lot of money and wanted to look at investing. After meeting Shaun, my perception has changed. He has helped me in many ways, such as setting up a budget that is workable for me and also helping me in setting up my financial goals. I feel confident in Shaun’s experience and knowledge of the market place and am very pleased he is my financial advisor. The things I enjoy most about working with Shaun are how he is approachable and up front, reliable and always willing to answer any questions.

Since I started using Shaun’s services, I now manage my budget every month, and can see where my money is going. My superannuation and insurance have been changed and set up in a way that will work best for me.

I would recommend Shaun as a friendly, approachable, organised, helpful person with extensive knowledge of the market and great communication skills. His help and services have made a big difference to me and I feel so much better knowing where and how I am actually spending my money. I feel comfortable knowing Shaun has set me up with the right insurance and superannuation for my circumstances. I feel so much more organised and stable in my finance now, after working on them with Shaun.”

Current Client, Neutral Bay

“A work colleague who had been dealing with the company for some years introduced us to Hickman & Ritchard Financial Planning.

It was twelve years ago when we first met Geoff and discussed our financial position and preferred retirement plan. Within a week Geoff had prepared a submission highlighting various proposals with his preferred strategy to achieve our objectives. Our conservative approach on long term investments by splitting them into income stream and capital growth meant that regardless of the market instability caused by 09/11 and the GFC our strategy remained good and sound.

Geoff’s long-term plans, with six monthly portfolio reviews including proposals to better invest for the future, clearly convince us that our funds are in safe hands. My wife and I highly recommend Hickman & Ritchard Financial Planning as you know that your hard-earned savings will provide you with a comfortable retirement.”

Current Client, Castle Hill

“I have chosen to engage with Hickman & Ritchard Financial Planning because of a long-term friendship and association with Geoff Hickman – and my confidence that Geoff is a knowledgeable professional, very trustworthy and able to offer very objective advice.

My goals when I started this exercise were to achieve financial flexibility and independence (and based on my evolving risk appetite) – so that I could establish a working arrangement with sufficient work-life balance and achieve greater flexibility in my working arrangements.

Geoff has been instrumental in achieving these objectives – through a mix of super and other investments – and despite varying market conditions over the last few years, long term performance has been very good. With the help of Geoff, I have achieved a degree of financial flexibility and independence.

Geoff’s advice always takes my own circumstances into account. He is always willing and available to discuss his investment advice, and most important, willing to change his advice as market conditions change. He is very client focused, and able to explain the issues to my complete satisfaction.”

Current Client, Sydney